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October 11, 2010 / Perceptions-In-Transition

the little people

After one year of adjustments and fine tuning, my life was trying to run smoothly when there came an important milestone. My son had turned two and it was time to select a playschool for him. I asked around, visited some of them and finally settled on one of them. It was near to house, had very good teachers and environment and was recommended by one and all. Finally the first day of school came and with lots of apprehension, I left him at school with the message of calling me immediately if he was not comfortable.

It was the first time for me and him both to be apart and I was anxious. Within half an hour came the expected call. He was crying too much and was refusing to stay or play. I went there and there he was waiting for me with a tear stained face. Tears came to my eyes too and the teacher advised to take it slow and come back next day. We came back and I tried to make him understand that he would have to stay without Mom for some time during the day. The next day the same story happened and he came back in half an hour. It was proving to be the toughest job I had ever done.  After having a brainstorming session with the Principal, we came up with the idea of taking it one step at a time by coming to school for half an hour, then 1 hour and so on. So we started with the send-offs, waiting in school for half an hour, till he was on playground and then brought him back. Next week, it was playground time plus the introduction to class. Things again came to a halt as he refused to enter the classrooms……….

What do we do now???  All the hardwork was going…and then inspiration…let him have free play with whatever he wanted in that half an hour. Obviously, like any other 2 year old boy, he was obsessed with anything on wheels. So lots of trucks and cars and trains came into picture and again we succeeded. Slowly we kept increasing the time with different tactics each week.

Life was a little easy now, since my son was going to almost 3  hours of school. I began to relax and started thinking of going back to school myself. And then came the parent – teacher conference day. We went thinking we’ll know how he was doing in class. But then came the bombshell.. the teacher thought he was still not ready to leave home , was silent during the class and we should consider keeping him at home till he was three. I just couldn’t believe it. All those discussions, encouragements, strategies were coming to a nought.  I just couldn’t give up like that since it was my labour going waste too.  I wanted him to start enjoying company of other children and learn to be more independent since he was excessively attached emotionally to me .

I asked the principal couple more days for consideration and kept thinking about how to motivate him to go to school.

Then we realized we’d been trying to send him to school but never really explained to him how he would benefit from it. Again trucks came to my rescue and every time he would point a truck to me, all excited, I would say , yes the guy in the truck went to school everyday and that’s why he gets to drive the big machine. It took just 2 days for the little guy to understand the logic behind and on the D-Day, his teacher was all excited. She couldn’t understand the 180 degree change in his attitude and we revealed the secret.

It’s been more then a year now and he loves going to school, so much so that its difficult to stop him on weekends 🙂 There was a lot of support from the teachers and school, but I would say this was a battle which me and him won together !!!!!


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  1. Christine / Oct 11 2010 11:03 pm

    As a mother of three tenagers, I had to smile to myself when I read your blog. My youngest son, Karl, did not want to attend school. Now, my children are 17,15 and 13. The years have a way of passing by. Enjoy this time while you can. My oldest will be attending college next fall. Oh, to roll back the clock…

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